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Korotnevella limbata is a most interesting amoeba that produces special cyst scales. More
Arachnula impatiens is a most amazing, crazily active amoeba. See more details of Arachnula and other strange amoebae in our Incertae Sedis section. More
Leptophrys vorax is a vampyrellid amoeba that builds cysts to digest food. Here you can see a Leptophrys cell creeping out of the cyst. More
Finally we managed to get SEM images of Heliamoeba. What a beauty! More
This remarkable amoeba is a Leptomyxida species, Leptomyxa reticulata. In its flattened, reticulate form it can be up to 3 mm in size, looking like a myxomycete plasmodium. It is a common amoeba and can be easily found in soil. More